Friday, December 26, 2003

Tis the day after Christmas
Christmas has come and gone. Each year I wonder what the fuss is all about since it is just one day of the year. Yes! I'm cynical, so what? It was relatively quiet. No Christmas lunch at my grandmother's place, no relatives visiting, just peaceful!

So I indulged in my simple pleasures:
1. I watched "Finding Nemo" on DVD. I don't normally watch animated feature films. But somehow the kid in me wanted to be amused. And amused I was! Wow the colorful underwater world, the funny dialogue and the endearing characters just grows on you. I especially loved the Australian accented sea turtle, Crush and his offspring, Squrt - who punctuated all his sentences with the word "Dude". Hilarious!!
2. I retreated to my comfy bed to read. It takes me months to finish a book so I was amazed that I managed to read not 1 but 2 books in a row.
Art Buchwald's "Stella in Heaven" - a widower communes with his deceased wife, who is determined to find him a new bride, only to become jealous of her possible replacements. It was very funny following his (mis)adventures.
Peter Gadol's "Light at Dusk" - An American diplomat goes back to Paris to redeem himself, confront his past, and rediscover love. In the process he finds himself fighting a rising tide of anti immigrant hatred in France.
This novel was absorbing, suspenseful and the author was very graphically detailed in his description. It had all the elements that I could easily identify with. He wrote of diplomacy in its most intimate consequences. The main character has a neverending quest to find his identity and sense of belonging. As a diplobrat, I found myself in tune with all his angst.
Paris - a city I love with a passion. The author portrayed the side of the city you wont find in tourist brochures. It was memorable as I explored Paris all over again through the author's eyes. As if that wasn't enough, the book had some Middle Eastern connection added to it. Now that all but piqued my interest till the very last page.

Now time to do some errands before I head to my parent's house tomorrow for a week of silent, calming relaxation.
Mmm is this an indication that the coming New Year is going to be "silent"? Not that it would make any difference since Ive discovered I tend to be more grounded and passive since I returned here September 2001.

Either that or Im getting old. Oh wait I am old!!!

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