Monday, May 31, 2004

It's 2 a.m
I'm still stuffed as a turkey on thanksgiving day. It seems I did nothing but pig out and sit on my big butt all day. Well come to think of it, I do that EVERYDAY. My excuse - my mother's birthday so gimme a break. No wonder when I tried my old jeans today it was way too tight. I even joked that since we tried a new laundry shop, they shrank my jeans! But who was I kidding?
My age and my waistline are both in their thirties. But I stopped growing vertically when I reached 18. My only consolation is that I don't look my age and it gives me more excuses to go shopping. It's interesting to note that we bought mom a birthday cake at Sugar House and it was I who ended up eating most of it. She blew the candles, took 3 bites then told me to store it in the ref. But after washing all the dishes, clearing up the kitchen, I sat down to watch the ETC channel and gobbled up the cake like it was my last meal.
Oh well. I live to eat or is it I eat to live?

"Where would you be?"
I remember seeing the trailer to "The Day after Tomorrow" and when they asked the above question, I whispered Bangkok! But as fate would have it, I was in Cinema 6 of Power Plant, Rockwell. The thing with disaster movies is it makes me want to pee while watching them. It happened when I watched "The Perfect Storm". This one aside from filling up my UTI prone bladder, it also made me shiver. I try to view a movie without expecting the usual ending in my mind. But it is all so predictable already for me. The hero walking halfway across the US to reach his son, a premise, the U.S president making a victorious speech on T.V after the disaster and the boy loves girl but is too shy to tell his true feelings. At least Jake Gyllenhaal poured more emotions into his character even though who would believe he is supposed to be only 17 years old in this movie. His acting in "Moonlight Mile" reminded me of Jim Caviezel in "The Thin Red Line". You know, the dreamy spaced out character type. Global warming, the new ICE age and sappy father son reunion aside, I enjoyed it. Unlike the other doomsday flicks, "Armaggedon" and "Independence Day", this phenomenon might really happen some day. Isn't that scary?

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