Sunday, May 09, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings
Vagina:: Monologues
Racism:: Bigotry
Mother's Day:: Greetings
Fire alarm:: Danger
Elvis:: Presley
Pregnant:: 9 months
Vacation:: Leisure
Waffles:: Belgian
Perpendicular:: Road
Hospital:: Emergency

Daily Dirt - Let's Drink to that!
1. Do you prefer beer or whiskey?
2. Do you think prefer whiskey plain or on the rocks?
Never had whiskey
3. How do you like Cocktails?
I don't like them
4. How many types of beer have you tried?
Amstel, Carlsberg, Tiger, San Mig Lite, Foster Ice, Heineken, Corona Light. I also try the local beer whenever I travel abroad.
5. What's your favorite Drink?
Gin & Tonic and Strawberry Margaritas

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