Friday, July 09, 2004

A funny incident on my way to the dentist.
I have this habit of putting my sunglasses on the top of my head.
1. it keeps my hair off my face specifically my eyes.
2. I can just grab it and put it on readily.
3. I don't have to search for it endlessly in my bag.
So there I was in the elevator with my shades on my head.
I reach the car, open the trunk put some stuff inside then hop on the passenger seat.
Half way through the parking lot I pull my shades from my head to wear them. *Gasps* One of the lenses is missing. WTF???
I shout to my sister to pull over. Wait go back!
She pulls over all the time muttering that we will be late.
I don't care. I search under my seat.
I get out. Walk all over the parking lot.
I decide to retrace my steps back to the unit.
I look all over the lobby, the elevator, the corridor leading to the unit. Open the door. Search my living room, the kitchen.
Run up to my bedroom, the bathroom, my sister's room.
Sweating like a pig. My sister calling me on my cellphone telling me to hurry.
Nothing, I can't find it.
I get my spare sunglasses from my closet.
This time with its case and rush down to the car.
I told her not to talk. Don't say a word.
I ain't in the mood to be given a lecture.
We reach Edsa Shangri-la Plaza 30 minutes late for my dental appointment.
I go to the trunk to retrieve the items I needed repaired at Alterations Plus.
Lo and behold -the missing left lens of my shades is there!!! And it never even occurred to me to search the trunk of the car!
Gosh ... I'm getting senile.

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