Monday, July 05, 2004

It's been hectic
  • I watched "Shrek 2"

  • I also got a copy of "The Terminal" [not bad not really good either]

  • I had our tickets revalidated [took 2 hours!]

  • I've aired the luggages [all 3 of them]

  • I had a hair cut

  • I worked my ass off [so I can pay for my vacation]

  • It will get more hectic as I need to:
  • Go to the optical shop [to check my eyes and 'see' how blind i've become since the 3 years I've been back here]

  • Go to the dentist [ouch]

  • Book Avis for airport transfer [24 hrs before departure]

  • Reconfirm the hotel bookings [long distance call]

  • Buy a gift for the baby shower [what to buy??]

  • Take the clothes to be dry cleaned

  • Finish work projects before deadline [more sleepless nights]

  • Clear my inbox [freaking spam]

  • Pay the bills for this month [grrrr!]

  • Pack [a rather long process of taking out extra items and putting in only the bare essentials]
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