Thursday, August 26, 2004

Rainy Days
Days like these, I'm thankful I work from home.
The last thing I want is to be wet, stranded in the floods, waiting endlessly for public transport.
I haven't taken public transport in ages.
But I've been through all kinds of situations involving jeepneys and buses.
Back in the days when there were no FXs, MRT and LRT. I remember one particular day.
I was still studying at UST. The university that transforms into a raging river whenever it rains. I took the red Antipolo bound bus from UST and got down at Sta Mesa.
My usual stop from which point I'd take the Boni-Stop&Shop jeep home. But it was a rainswept day complete with flooded streets. So even if I waited forever, I won't be able to find a ride. That was the time when we didn't have cellphones. Heck we didn't even have a landline at our house. So I couldn't call my father at his office to pick me up.
I had no choice. I had to walk. And boy did I walk! I walked in ankle high water from Santa Mesa till I reached the Lourdes Hospital. Here is where it gets interesting because the water had reached up to my waist. For someone as tiny as me, it was very frightening.
As I waded through the streets I truly thought I was going to drown!
By the time I reached Kalentong, the water level was chest high.
I told myself ok here we go: "I'm going to drown and die a virgin!" LOL
But I strived on till I reach Acacia lane, the water by now up to my waist.
I don't remember how long it took me to get home that day.
I was in the filthy dirty water in my white UST uniform with an umbrella, trying desperately not to lose my shoes, hungry, tired and very scared - the whole stretch from Santa Mesa to Boni Avenue near the Municipio!
So thank God I never have to go through that again, ever.
The flood control situation in this country is pathetic. Every year, we KNOW we will experience monsoon rains, typhoons and flooded streets yet our drainage system isn't up to par.
But then I watch CNN and see countries like Germany or France experience torrential floods as well. I am somewhat relieved that it isn't unique to the Philippines.

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