Friday, September 03, 2004

An encrypted post
You know how there are certain things you vow you will never do again?
Not because it is a sin or it doesn't generate fun.
On the contrary it feels absolutely great.
But you stop doing it because it wasn't right.
You felt it simply was not a proper thing to do.
You try your darn best to avoid falling into the trap.
You take precautionary measures to ensure you are not tempted.
You completely change your lifestyle.

Months go by.
You get along just fine.
You don't even give it a single thought.
Not even in your dreams.
It fades. You move on.


I got weak today.
I couldn't restrain myself.
I gave in.

Several hours later.
I still think it is wrong.
Yes I know it was wrong.

I hope I'm much stronger.
From now on.
I hope I won't succumb yet again.
But that's what I said 7 months ago.
Now look where it got me today.

But holy cow!
It was such a WOW moment.

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