Saturday, September 04, 2004

I remember the boy ...

"The promises we made
seemed easier then.
As if we knew our love would never end.
But seasons change and
time erases the tears.
As quickly as the rivers disappear.
So while the song still
brings that certain glow,
And the words still sing of love I know.
It isn't quite the way it was before,
I remember the boy.
But I don't remember the feeling.
I remember the boy.
But I don't remember the feeling anymore"

I'm proud of myself because I know it's a sign that I've moved on.
Today I received a SMS message from my immediate ex and I replied back without bursting into tears.
During the course of our conversation he told me he misses me yet I chose to ignore it.
Despite the fact that Yes I do miss him too, with all my heart.
But it doesn't make me take the first plane out of Manila just to be with him.
I was actually smiling when he started reminiscing about the past.
Unlike before when I would feel really sad and miserable.

Things are complicated.
I rather not go through that whole process again.
I stood firm.

I guess, it helps that he is miles away.
Because knowing me, I would have just ended up having sex with him.
Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. LOL
But it isn't a good thing either.
Because we all know how sex with an ex feels like.
Don't we?

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