Friday, November 05, 2004

Virtual Reality
Since I basically don't have a life, I amuse myself by chatting online.
Not as often as I used to but I indulge myself from time to time.
So I've essentially heard everything on those chat channels.
But I was totally dumbstruck when he said:

[Nick^^] are excruciatingly beutiful :)
[Nick^^] beautiful.....I can so spell... :)
[Me] tsk tsk how many times do I have to tell you? I ain't beautiful
[Nick^^] I will tell you what you is...and what you ain't... :)
[Nick^^] I have always told you that you are cuter.....than most everyone! :)

If only!
I can find someone in real life to tell me that!
I would marry him right away and make wonderful babies!
Despite being a nonbeliever of marriage and having no maternal instincts whatsoever!


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