Sunday, December 12, 2004

1. The last movie you watched?
::: National Treasure (at the movies)
::: Adaptation (Lifestyle channel)

2. The last TV show you watched?
::: Gilmore Girls on Studio 23

3. The last song you heard?
::: "How you remind me" - Nickleback
It's not like you to say sorry
I was waiting on a different story
This time I'm mistaken for handing you
a heart worth breaking and I've been
wrong, I've been down,
been to the bottom of every bottle
these five words in my head
scream "are we having fun yet?"
4. The last thing you bought?
::: food at the Salcedo Weekend Market

5. The last place you went to?
::: Salcedo Weekend Market

6. The last food you ate?
::: Leche Flan

7. The last thing you heard from your parents?
::: "Good night girls!"

8. The last thing you said to your parents?
::: "Good Night"

9. The last thing you said to one of your friends?
::: "I need to get going"

10. The last thing you read?
::: Time Magazine

Who was:

1. The last person you called?
::: My mother

2. The last person who called you?
::: Iyad

3. The last person you texted?
::: Dennis

4. The last person who texted you?
::: Dennis

5. The last person who said good night last night?
::: My dad

6. The last person who said I love you to?
::: Iyad (10 months ago)

7. The last person you hugged?
::: my sister

8. The last person/people you saw on TV?
::: the Gilmore girls

9. Do you believe that love is forever?
::: Hmm no

10. Do you get hurt by people easily?
::: Yes

11. Do you believe that all people are generally good at heart?
::: Indeed

12. Can you be anyone you want to be?
::: I can try

13. Do mean people make you sad?
::: Nope

14. Does ice cream make you happy?
::: Extremely

15. Do you sing in the shower?
::: Yes

16. When it rains, do you like to splash in the puddles?
::: No way!

17. If you see a cute guy walk down the street, do you smile and tell him that he's cute?
::: Nope

18. Do you notice when people have pretty eyes?
::: Yes

19. Have you ever cried at a movie?
::: Yes

20. Is it cute when old people are holding hands?
::: Very

21. Are you a happy person?
::: Most of the time yes

22. Do you tend not to worry even when you know something bad is about to happen?
::: I worry all the time

23. Is it okay to cut off barbie's hair?
::: I don't really care

24. Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt?
::: Good Lord, Yes

25. Are you slightly lazy?
::: I'm very lazy

26. Do you like to drive with the windows down..
::: I don't drive

27. Are you in love?
::: No

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