Wednesday, May 11, 2005

One down, 2 more to go
I'm talking about reality tv show finales.
Well the ones I do watch.
There are others that I rather switch the tv off than endure.
Such as "The Simple Life", "Who wants to marry my Dad?"
Yucky really.

So this finale of Amazing Race was rather exciting! One moment Rob & Amber are ahead then the next scene Ron & Kelly are. Excellent editing, great shots of places and most of all my favorite team won!
Woohooo. Congratulations Joyce and Uchenna!!!

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All that trouble of shaving Joyce's hair, having no money, a flat tire, missing flights, not receiving any prize for finishing first at two pit stops definitely paid off!
I will miss watching this show.
So I'll just concentrate on American Idol & Survivor: Palau, for now.

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