Tuesday, May 10, 2005

These past few days
I've restored about 85 % of my place back to its original state.
The rest can be done in installments. Phase 2 (painting) has been postponed to next month. Too disruptive.

I saw movies about tennis, the Yakuza, an evil child & the Crusades.

I treated my mother on her day to lunch and some shopping.

I finished work in a record time of merely 3 days. Woot!

But the one thing that I won't forget is Sunday Mass. The officiating priest as usual tried to insert some anecdote into his sermon. He tried to incorporate some moral lesson from the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" with regards to the theme for the Mass.
He goes:
"In that movie, Richard Bloom valiantly tries to save Jerusalem ..."

Huh??? Richard who?? It's ORLANDO Bloom not Richard! LOL
I had to bite my lips so I won't laugh out loud in church.

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