Friday, July 29, 2005

Better to be safe than sorry
Today , Friday is supposed to be my pamper ME day.
I check the contents of my wallet.
Ugh, not enough funds.
So it was either lunch out or hair treatment.
Not both, just one.
I ponder and ponder and ponder some more.
Time ticked by. 12:30 pm.
My stomach started to growl so no contest.
Lunch out wins.
Where to eat? More pondering ensues.
Suddenly remember I have this Italianni's coupon.
Rummage through all my bags to look for it.
Rummage through my sister's bags.
Where is it???
Ooops there it is => on the bulletin board.
Is it still valid? Yes
Which branch? Any
Let's go to the one in Libis.
We munch on Caesar's salad, Chicken BBQ pizza and Mussels Lombardi (c/o of coupon) with ice tea.
I am a pretty observant person.
So I notice people filing out of adjacent mall.
Hmmm what's going on?
More people leaving building next door.
Should we ask the waitress what is going on?
Oh never mind it might just be a fire drill practice.
Alright we continue eating.
More gulps of bottomless ice tea.
Lunch done and paid for.
My sister needs to smoke before we drive off.
I, matter of factly ask the security guard:
"Manong, why are all these people loitering outside?"
"Ah Ma'am there was/is a bomb threat"
"WHAT??? Where?"
"Oh in the One Luna area!"
(meaning the entire complex)

He said it as if it was a normal daily occurrence, even grinning from ear to ear, shrugging his shoulders.
So we went to my favorite mall, The Podium na lang for my Mocha Frost and her cafe latte at Figaro.

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