Thursday, July 28, 2005

"If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad"
INXS eliminated 2 wanna be rockers this week. Heather [she totally ruined the above song by Sheryl Crow] and Daphna [I'm not familiar at all with "Rock the Casbah"].
Daphna now that's a name I'm familiar with. My ex ex used to call me that whenever I needed to tow the line because I was being childishly stubborn.
But what really made my day was when Jessica sang "Elegantly Wasted"! Wow it used to be my theme song for the longest time.
Look at all that shines
Baby's down on the world
And she knows it
If your spirit's running
Why don't we make it rain like we used to
We run We hide We wait and we want
The good life Aw sure You're right
This ain't, the good life
Ah, Elegantly wasted
Ah, Elegantly wasted

As opposed to being the lazypoke that I was a week ago - today was totally an upbeat day for me. I grocery shopped enough food to last till the weekend. But managed to buy everything on my list within my budget.
I actually overheard this conversation when I was in the shampoo aisle between a mother and her daughter. The daughter is about 12 years old, she approaches her mother with a tube of Palmolive Vitacreme Conditioner

Daughter - Mom I want this.
Mother - Ay naku anak you don't need that na. I will cut your hair short like Princess Diana. Tipid ka sa shampoo at di mo na kailangan ng conditioner. [You'll save on shampoo, no need for conditioner]
Daughter - Sino po si Princess Diana? [Who is Princess Diana?]

I don't know what was funnier. That the kid doesn't know who Princess Diana is or the mother economizing by cutting the child's hair quite short while she, herself has hair up to her waist. Hmmm.

Anyways I got home and started cooking everything I bought. Yes dearies I do know how to cook! I just don't like to broadcast it. Frankly what I do in my kitchen stays in the kitchen - spices, smells, oil splatter, dirty pots & pans et al.

Organized Mess
Done with the cooking, I tidied up some of the clutter. A daunting task, indeed since my sister and I, we both have our offices in our home. Papers, faxes, documents, press releases can cause quite a mess. While organizing the mess, I came across a piece of paper from a laundry shop. It was dated June 27, 2005. Guess what?
We forgot to claim the items from the laundry store! I call them up. Phew, our clean clothes are still there! So a month after we were supposed to pick up the items, they were kind enough to deliver it to my door step. I just couldn't stop laughing at how forgetful we have become. It's a good thing I found the receipt. But the thing is - one of the items - is a favorite shirt of mine. I didn't even notice it wasn't in my closet for over a month. Teehee =)

Farewell, fair prince, farewell
So sad to watch tonight's episode of "Lost" Poor Boone died from his wounds. I knew all along who was going to perish but still it was heartbreaking! His sister, Shannon wasn't around when he took his last breath. But I do have to say, "Lost" is one good show and I truly look forward to it every Thursdays on AXN.

Gosh I'm beat - I better snuggle into bed with John Barron, the cop on the LAPD's elite 5-2 squad. I tell you truly "The Exile" is one thrilling novel!!!

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