Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Experience is not what happens to you;
it's what you do with what happens to you.
[Aldous Huxley]

Monday - I sated my craving for shark's fin soup by having lunch at Shanghai Bistro in Eastwood City, Libis. I ordered shredded chicken with shark's fin soup, together with boneless lemon chicken, beef with broccoli, salt & pepper fried beancurd cubes, century egg, mango puree with sago for dessert. To cap it up, I had this yummy Mocha cold drink [ok I forgot its exact name] at the Coffee Beanery Bakery. All quite delicious never mind that I went bankrupt in the process!

Tuesday - I won P520 in the Lotto. Teehee!!!
I got 4 out of 6 numbers! Know what the winning numbers were? 6- 8 -10 -19! In essence it translates to October 19, 1968 = a very auspicious day in history, the day when the world was graced by my entrance into the world. A cute addition to the human race. Yes, I just threw modesty out of my 12th floor window, indulge me ok? It's my blog! =)
So I bought Allan Folsom's third novel. I've read "Day after Tomorrow [his first novel] No, it isn't the movie about the earth freezing with Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a riveting page turner about conspiracy theories involving Nazis. I like Folsom's style, his stories are really massively grand with characters trotting all over the globe. Purely exciting and very intense scenarios permeate his books.

Wednesday - I went gaga over Mr Muscle. Ah nope he wasn't a date. It is a cleaning detergent for mold and mildew - those hard to get rid of soapscum. I used up an entire bottle to scrub off gooey stuff in both of my bathrooms which accumulated from years of neglect or pure laziness on my part. Ugh, achy bones and sore palms later, I could have fainted from the fumes but I had a big grin because tiles are now whiter. Yes, I've become so domesticated now, cleaning products rock my little world. Tsk tsk!
I caught the season finale of CSI on AXN. The episode directed by Quentin Tarantino. Quite exciting to see if the entire CSI team would get to rescue Nick before he is eaten alive by ants and buried forever in some hard to find place. Of course, you have a few Tarantino weird moments [the autopsy kuno scene] in the episode. But overall, it was a good season finale.

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