Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ten on Tuesday

I am way past the age when I would wake up and find pressies beneath my tiny Christmas tree.

Oh Christmas tree
I also know for a fact that I, me and myself will be the one buying all these things myself (except for # 4) eventually.
But what the heck, here's my list! =)

10 Things You Want for Christmas
1) A new cellphone - My standard line for the past 3 years now.

2) Dark blue jeans

3) Gift certificates for any spa treatment

4) Real Christmas cards sent by snail mail

5) "Sidewalks of New York" DVD - I adore Ed Burns!

6) Pearl earrings

7) Fancy underwear in different colors

8) Internet prepaid cards - to feed my Internet addiction.

9) "Shumaisi" by Turki al Hamad

10) A small frying pan with cover - so the oil won't splatter all over me when I cook fry food.

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