Friday, November 16, 2007

I signed up for PPP
I've heard/read all the buzz about Payperpost from several bloggers. They were raving how easy it was and how much they have earned writing sponsored posts. You simply write reviews/opinions about different items and products on your blog, wait a few days for approval. Once it is confirmed, you get paid through Paypal. The payment scheme facility though kept me away. But once things eased up, I immediately signed up for PPP.

To distract my mind from the wedding arrangements, I have been spending a few minutes each day to familiarize myself with the mechanics involved in PayperPost. I have been reading and learning how to submit opportunities, checking out the different tools available that will help boost the traffic rankings of my blog. As well as browsing other bloggers site to see previews of sponsored posts. PPP's website is easy to navigate. It contains all the relevant information which new posties would find useful. Besides I'm a fast learner so I am confident I will be successful. I was delighted to learn this morning that my blog finally got approved. Yay. Now, I'm excited! I look forward to writing reviews and getting paid for it. I intend to save my earnings so I can buy household items for D's place. Ooops I meant our place.

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