Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I admit the only reason I signed up with BlogCharm was to earn from blogging. I simply cross posted the movie reviews from my other blog to BlogCharm. Today after a long time I log on to their site and was shocked by this announcement. About 2 months ago my earnings reached a measly US$ 6.56. Shucks! I didn't even make it to the minimum mark. The thing is you have no way of retrieving the previous posts on your BlogCharm account. I'm lucky I still maintain the one on blogspot so I haven't lost any valuable entries. But I've lost another source of "Internet income" Oh well, c'est la vie. =)

Dear BlogCharm User,
We regret to inform you that as of January 1, 2008, the BlogCharm site will no longer continue to operate.
We appreciate and value all our users who have faithfully used our services since the site’s inception. In light of the site shut down, we would like to make sure all our users get paid for their blogging efforts under our beta program.
Payments will be made to all BlogCharm bloggers who have earned a minimum of US $10.00 and have made a request for such payments through our site. Moreover, users must have a valid and verified email address. To confirm your email address is correct, please click here.
Payment requests can be made up and until March 31, 2008. All payments will be made within two (2) weeks of request and will go directly to your PayPal account (provided you have supplied a correct email address.)
All payments will be made in accordance with our site Terms of Service.
Thanks again for enjoying our site and services! We apologize we are unable to continue under our current structure.
Please report any problems or issues at Forum

Kind regards,

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