Thursday, February 14, 2008

Third Thursday Thirteen
On this special day of the heart where the color red reigns supreme, I thee present an ode to my beloved fiance, D.

Sign at Sofitel Hotel Philippines

How do I love thee? Let me count the (13) ways:
1. I love thee for being my funny valentine. Next to my father, you are the one person who can make me roll over with laughter with your on the spot jokes. I love how you can make light of a serious situation without being offensive.

2. I love thee for being deeply religious. Dare I say not in the obnoxious way. Your deep faith has been influential in making me a regular churchgoer nowadays. Your spiritual views about life, love and everything else is comforting.

3. I love thee for being straightforward. Even though you always have a few jokes up your sleeves to amuse me, you do have a rather serious side to your personality. One that tells things as they are and not sugarcoat them simply because it is what I want to hear.

4. I love thee for being erudite. Your personal knowledge about Philippine history fills me with awe. Me being a stranger in my own country who is clueless about the heroes who shaped this great nation and the events which led to our democracy.

5. I love thee for being organized. My mother calls it "masinop sa bahay". Your things are all in the right places in your well arranged house. A good sign that you want a clutter free existence.

6. I love thee for being cautiously prudent. You always think of doing the right thing. Be it meeting my parents early on when we first starting dating so they won't be worried. To giving the right impression to your colleagues and friends as well as your family.

7. I love thee because you respect me for who I am. I've told you all about my sordid past. My past relationships were troubled yet you reassured me they are no longer relevant to our current situation. You never judged me for my past indiscretions. Although you do understand that I am the person I am today due to my past.

8. I love thee for being a caring person. You have a good heart and it shines through not only when we are together but in the way you deal with other people. You always put yourself in other people's shoes with acts of kindness.

9. I love thee for being updated with current events and issues that affect our country. Even though we don't necessarily agree or are on opposite sides of the fence when it comes to certain issues, I don't mind. It is a good fodder for discussion.

10. I love thee for having discipline. Whether in your job, your health or your hobbies, you make sure you do the tasks as instructed. If you have to wake up early the next morning, you set a strict bedtime schedule. You don't overindulge!

11. I love thee for leading a simple lifestyle. You don't have any vices, any hang ups, any qualms about life. If complications arise, you talk it out and simplify the situation. Your carefree attitude about dealing with situations as they present themselves is refreshing.

12. I love thee for being sweet but not in a vomit inducing way. You are not the romantic type who gives me flowers, chocolates or gifts but you are a really sweet person in your own unique way.

13. I love thee for making me feel special. I smile when I think of you. I feel my heart flutter whenever you hold my hand. I love you more and more each day. You are my best friend, my confidante, my partner, my lover, my honey bunchy, my life and my everything!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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