Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The word is out!
The thing is D and I are having a really small intimate wedding. We chose the smaller chapel. We have invited only a handful of relatives. Mostly on my side of the equation. Mostly due to my mother's insistence that they be present. Even though I'm hardly close to any of them. My total guest list amounts to merely 22 people inclusive of D, me and my immediate family. The reception isn't really a reception per se. Just a bunch of people having lunch at a Chinese restaurant. No fancy floral arrangements, no table centerpieces, no wedding cake and no tingling of glasses for speeches, no special program.

We want a really low key affair. The mere fact that we will receive the blessings of the Church and the event will be witnessed by my immediate family is enough for me. It is more a show for practical reasons not for sentimental romantic purposes. Because after all, for humble little me, the fact that someone actually wants to marry me and make it legal in the eyes of society is more than I can ask for, really! So for that really simple reason, D and I didn't announce our engagement to our friends. Although of course I emailed my bestest friends about our nuptials. The key word here being "emailed" since they don't live on the same continent. And even if I want to invite them, I can't afford to pay for their airfare and their hotel accommodations.

But things have changed for D, unfortunately! It began since we posted our wedding banns at our local parishes, 3 Sundays ago. It turns out that in D's parish, they not only posted it on the bulletin board. They announced it before every mass and even have a projector onscreen flashing our names in bold letters. Yes you read it right! Every single mass not only on Sundays. Eeeps! Now his entire brood of neighbors, his childhood friends, friends of his younger brother (who now lives in the US), his mother's amigas, his barkada in the subdivision have learned about our wedding. He is now subject to countless teasing from making 'tampo' that they aren't invited to the wedding, to more 'tampo' that they had to learn about it from the announcement at their local parish and worse they will gatecrash our honeymoon. It is all in the spirit of good fun, I suppose. I'm sure they just want to be part of the happy occasion and share in our blessings. So we just came up with plan B - invite them for a little salo salo a week after the wedding ... that is if we can still "rise" up to the occasion. ;-)

But honestly?
Even if we could afford to invite all his friends, his co-faculty members, his neighbors and every single people he has met since he was born, the fact remains that I still want my wedding to be a cosy and intimate (non)event. After all, what truly matters (for me) is that I am marrying the person I love with all my heart ... even if I had to show up in jeans for it! And you guys know I surely would have but proper decorum dictates that brides should wear white on the most important day of their blessed life. =)

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