Sunday, June 15, 2008

1 month wedding anniversary
Yes time does fly! It has been one month. So far I've already slept 1 night away from my husband when my sister and I went to watch a film at the French Film Festival at Shang Cineplex. It was at 8pm. So instead of letting my sister drive all the way to Project 8, I crashed at my former residence. I slept like a baby in my old room with the air con at full blast. That was blissful. Unfortunately an air con is a luxury he cannot afford at this moment. Oh well! At least my husband is understanding enough to let me spend the night at my old place whenever I feel like it. Teehee!

Anyways today being Father's day, I only greeted my dear old dad because D isn't going to be a father just yet. Not that I am disappointed because my plan is to wait until October before we conceive. If possible, wait till next year. So I'm fine. But somehow I sense that D was disappointed ... hmmm well. What can I say? Even though I am already hitting the 4-0 mark this year, I still feel I'm inadequately equipped to be a mother. Strange no?

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