Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A list of things I still need getting used to now that I am married

1. To always wear our wedding ring. Normally D gets up before me then he rushes off to work and in the process forgets to wear his wedding ring. During the day he will text me and apologize. So funny when he does that! It seems like he feels guilty about it. It's fine by me! It happens, right?

2. Going shopping together. Before the start of a new school year, D goes shopping for clothes. Till now, I feel awkward when I'm at the men's fitting room area at the department store. Suddenly I turn into this fashion expert kuno and need to give D my opinion about his fashion sense. I mean what on earth do I know about men's fashion? They all look alike to me. Hehehe But in fairness to D, his tall physique makes it easy for him to buy clothes specifically pants. He doesn't need to have them cut for his height.

3. To expound on # 2. The odd thing is I am still not comfortable shopping for my own clothes with my hubby. Although he insists on accompanying me to go shopping, so far I have managed to hold off on this task. I know I should be thankful I have a husband who encourages me to shop but what the heck I prefer to shop with my sister. :D

4. The look on people's faces when D introduces me as his wife. It makes me wonder if I live up to the image they have of me. Yeah I worry too much sometimes.

5. Last but certainly not the least, the snide remarks which they pass off as jokes. I'm referring to those statements which his friends blurt out when they are first introduced to me. Phrases like "Oh siya ba yun owner ng black car na nakaparada dati sa tapat ng bahay mo?" or "Sino yun kasama mo last month?" or worse "Pre, bagong kasal ka pala kaya pumapayat ka! Panay exercise mo no?" I suppose it's all in good fun to joke around that way. But for the life of me I still don't get this practice of teasing someone about his former gfs when obviously he married someone else! Does this make me seem like a jealous wife? Perhaps! But I was brought up to always be polite to strangers. So I believe the proper thing to do is to simply congratulate the newly wed couple and wish them the best and not resort to jokes which may offend either parties.

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