Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Add some spark to your blog
The blogging community is once again abuzz with a new social media marketing community. SocialSpark is an innovative concept to earn some money from your blog. At the same time, you can make new friends by joining a friendly community of bloggers. Bloggers who can give you props, recommend new opportunities as well as drive much needed traffic to your blog. It has a valid code of ethics which include:
100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
100% Transparency
100% Real Opinions
100% Search Engine Friendly

SocialSpark's extensive website is easy to navigate. An interactive site with different sections like marketplace, opportunities, community and account are easy to click at one go. There are a lot of offered opportunities which are well detailed and presented in a slide show type of platform. It is more than just an opportunity to boost your income. You can use the networking community to make new friends. You can add comments to the opportunities or give your opinion on the featured blogs on the website. Fellow bloggers are a good source of help ranging from a wide array of topics from how to enhance the blog to cooking tips. They are all readily available on Social Spark. They also have a detail oriented control panel which provide information on your account, your transactions, your messages as well as friends requests.

So sign up and join the Social Spark community. It will enhance the profile of your blog as well as boost your chance of becoming a vital part of the blogging community!

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