Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday I woke up early so I could go with D in the morning.
The norm is for him to drop me off at my former residence.
My comfort zone where I loiter before my sister and I go off on several errands.
The agenda for that day was to head to Shang Cineplex, early so we could watch more French films before we run out of tickets.
After a filling lunch at Pho Hoa, Libis, I suddenly developed a high fever, I felt weak and had sore throat. So I decided to just go back to the condo and rest.
In the hope that I would feel better for the 8pm show. I texted D that I got fever then promptly fell asleep. At 5pm I got a message from my husband that he was going to pick me up, he won't attend his 6pm class and he sternly ordered me to forget about the film.
By then typhoon "Frank" was wreaking havoc with strong winds and heavy downpour.
So yes I've been sick for the past few days. The howling winds, the incessant rain did little to dampen my already weak spirit.
But the best thing about being sick is having a loving husband who cooks nilaga for me. He makes sure I drink my meds and he doesn't want me to do anything but rest.

Hmmm what more can I ask for?

Except that I get rid of this cough, asap!

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