Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm feeling a tad bit better now. I still cough a lot though.
But I have this strange habit to just stop drinking meds after a certain day has elapsed. I have this paranoid fear that my body will be full of toxins and no amount of water would flush it away from my system! Yeah I'm not really a big fan of meds! I can only tolerate vitamins. So yesterday I didn't drink any medicine at all despite being bugged by this dry pesky cough which burns my chest every time I well I cough!

It was a restful few days. Thankfully D had no work on Monday (his day off) and Tuesday (it was Araw ng Maynila) so he took good care of yours truly. A rather stubborn patient who acts like a spoiled brat when he tells me to eat more to regain my appetite. Sometimes in my paranoia I wonder where his unconditional support stems from. Does he expect something in return? Then I knock myself back to my senses and chalk it all up to L-O-V-E. I mean what else can it be, right?

Well I better ransack my book shelf for that cook book so that the cinigang na hipon I will attempt to cook later will be edible enough! Teehee!

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