Monday, February 01, 2010

Night Safari

High on my list of places to visit while in Singapore is The Night Safari. It is located a bit far from the city proper so we took a taxi from Orchard Road.

Night Safari

Since it was December 30, there was a heavy crowd of visitors all waiting to enter the world's first wildlife park for nocturnal animals. Once inside there is an activity center where restaurants, souvenir shops and the restrooms are located.

There are quite a number of itineraries you can choose from to better enjoy the Night Safari. There are walking trails, the Creatures of the Night show and the tram ride.

We decided to take the tram ride as I don't really cherish the thought of getting lost in the thick and dark rain forest trail, being chased by ferocious lions! Not that such an incidence has ever happened but you cannot be really sure, can you? :D

A plane!

We had to wait a long time to board the tram. It is a 45 minute ride with commentary that takes you inside the dark rain forest where the nocturnal animals live in open enclosures. At the Himalayan Foothills, you will come across Himalayan tahr, bharal, and Himalayan griffon vultures. Animals at the Nepalese River Valley include the Asian small-clawed otter, greater Asian rhino, golden jackal and sambar deer. The Indian Subcontinent features the striped hyena, Asian lion and the sloth bear, all in a setting that is bathed in shadowy half-light that allows the creatures to be largely oblivious to your presence.

The Tram Ride

Once you are on board the tram, it is pitch dark but quite breezy as the tram is properly ventilated. Since I had a point and shoot camera it was useless to take pictures because the background was quite dark, so I simply tucked it away in my bag and enjoyed the tram ride. It was quite amazing to see and hear the famous laughter of hyenas, the massive elephant, the tall giraffes up close and personal!

Afterwards, we once again lined up (forever) to see the Creatures of the Night show at the amphitheater. Set in a forest clearing, this FREE 20-minute animal presentation will introduce you to nocturnal animals, from the elusive owl to nimble binturongs to intuitive civets. It was quite entertaining to see playful beavers perform tricks like trained animals. I had so much fun!

Night Safari
7.30pm to 12 midnight daily
Restaurants and retail shops open from 6:00pm daily
Last admission is at 11.00pm

Adult S$22.00
Child (3 to 12 years old) S$15.00

Tram Ride Charges:
Adult S$10.00
Child (3 to 12 years old) S$6.00

Each tram ticket allows only one ride within the park
It starts from 7:30pm onwards

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