Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The following reasons are applicable for the sporadic posts on my blog:
1. The World Cup. With the final 16 matches currently at play, I've somehow adjusted my sleeping habits so I can stay awake at 2:30am to watch exciting games. The first time I tried it I developed a freaking headache which lasted the whole day. Now I've more or less managed to stay awake until the start of the second half. Then simply doze off from exhaustion.

2. D and his friends are venturing full blast into a business. A venture that involves long hours planning and marketing their products. Naturally, as a wife I try to give my full support in every aspect but it can be tiring too especially when I am in a zombie like sleepless state. :D On this note, I hope that soon enough when we are ready to market the products online, there will be some orders from the very few who read this blog. :D

3. Movies. There are a number of films I've been looking forward to watch at the cinemas instead of relying on our friendly Jack Sparrow to provide us 'copies'. Then the Japanese film festival is starting early July so I intend to see a few.

4. Computer problems. It seems that both of our PCs developed modem problems. In the middle of a freaking storm where lightning was wreaking havoc, some of our electrical appliances conked out. Strange though that our PCs still function normally but when we try to connect to the Internet, the modems don't work. At first I tried reconnecting all the phone lines which took me hours but the problem still persists. Not being able to connect online can really get me into a very very very cranky mood. Now I need to rush to the nearest internet cafe for my online fix. Bummer.

5. Hospital visits. Transvaginal ultrasounds (yes I know TMi!!!) are not painful per se but just uncomfortable. After I have like 3 consecutively in one week, I feel really lethargic and out of bounds with my normal perky self. It is hard to clearly explain the gamut of emotions I experience during these procedures but suffice to say it isn't pleasant.

6. The most pleasant reason would have to be that my sister will be visiting second week of July. Ergo more sister bonding moments filled with shopping, spa treatments and massive feasting. I'm already quite excited!

So until the dust settles and I can go back to my normal blogging schedule, I bid thee farewell, for now! =)

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