Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to regular programming

I was supposed to spend just one night but it developed into 5 nights due to the heavy monsoon rains. The devastation was really horrific. The torrential rains brought massive floods and inundated several barangays which merited major evacuations for those living in low lying areas.

So while I was nicely tucked in in the comforts of my 12th floor condo unit, my thoughts were with my hubby who decided to hold fort in Q.C. As men are won't to do, they prefer to stay behind to watch over personal belongings. Our apartment lies in the catch basin part of the street. So when it rains, the water rises and rises until it reaches our gate. Thankfully, the rains rhythm would slow down, the waters would subside so there will be dry intervals. I always told anyone who cared to listen that our area *is* a rainforest because during 'normal' rainy days, the volume of precipitation in this vicinity is always quite substantial. So just imagine how it was during the deluge.

So while I was safe and dry, with only the TV to keep me entertained during those 5 nights, it felt utterly selfish to long for the company of Harriet and my DSL connection. The fact that I couldn't check my emails, read updates on FB and Twitter was painful but I slowly and eventually numbed the yearning.

I kept berating myself that I forgot to print out some pages of "50 shades of Grey" from my desktop so I could read it while I was 'stranded'. I rummaged through the book shelf and rediscovered "Oliver's Story" by Erich Segal. The book was tattered and torn, it had my mother's signature on the front page (we have this habit of signing books we read) and it was dated August 12, 1974. Wow I was only 6 years old. I was totally engrossed with Oliver and Marcie's love story as opposed to the turbulent relationship between Anatasia and Christian. Segal is certainly a far more superior writer than what's her name author. Yet I promised myself I will read every trashy bit even if it I have to "roll my eyes" ever so often. :D

I am glad that the rains aren't as heavy and as frequent as the last few days. Although as I type this entry, there is a heavy downpour yet again. It feels good to be reunited with Harriet, Anatasia and my hubby. Of course, not necessarily in that order.

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